About Barry

Sketching Is The Foundation Of My Work

I am a Landscape Painter/Printmaker living in Waterford and Wexford. I would describe myself as a ‘Serial Sketcher. By this, I mean that I regularly go out into the landscape in all weather conditions making numerous expressive sketches using a wide range of materials.

These sketches are taken back to my studio for further analysis and review. Some sketches are torn up and reformed using collage creating new compositions. These are then used for further larger paintings.

For me, sketching is the foundation of  my work. Sketching allows me to record fleeting moments, capturing areas of dense foliage, mysterious pockets of space, light breaking through a tree, the soil, mud, rock formations, vegetation, the smell of the salt air, wind upon your face, sometimes even the remains of a dead animal.

I love to encourage and create situations for accidents or allow for the accidental in my work to the extent that I forget that I am painting at all. Those are the moments that I am looking for. A ‘Sense of Place’ can only be appreciated and expressed by spending time there returning repeatedly. Sitting, drawing, looking, watching, gaining memories, gathering information.

I have attended many art establishments over the years in England and Ireland to further my knowledge and ability. It was an accident in 2011 which kept me on crutches for six months. This period enabled me to thoroughly engage in a personal regeneration of my art.


2012: Joint show at Hive Emerging Artists Waterford

2012: Imagine Arts Festival, Scratching the Surface Print show

2014: Signal Art Gallery,Bray, Solo SHow

2016: Old Market House, Arts Center, Dungarvan, Waterford, Solo show

2017: University Hospital Waterford, The Healing Arts Trust, A Better Place, Solo show

2018: Uisce, Garter Lane Arts Center, Waterford, Group show